Supercharge is your partner

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Who are we?

We are a next-generation innovation partner working with our clients to create transformative digital solutions. We create digital strategies, design delightful interfaces and build robust software to create products fit for the future. Supercharge is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe according to Financial Times (FT1000) and Deloitte (Fast50). Our 100+ digital experts in London and Budapest are passionately united in the pursuit of discovering and building better futures. We redefine, diversify and protect businesses by understanding the shifting consumer needs while striking the right balance between bold vision and scientific acumen. We believe that innovation is a team effort: strategists, designers, developers and engineers work shoulder to shoulder to enable tomorrow what yesterday was still impossible.

How do we see our work?

We believe in the power of technology to expand the potential of human achievement. We think technology should be a force for positive change and we have that in mind whatever challenge we take on. But all is not down to the people or the process: the values we uphold drive us to create exceptional products. We look at the world with great curiosity, we strive for greatness and most importantly, we always make it happen. Finally, it isn’t only about us. Behind every successful product, we built there is a client who decided to bravely redefine tomorrow through innovation. We think that great businesses set the vision for a better future while we are the ones who help them chart a path there.

Where are we coming from?

Supercharge was founded by a group of high school friends who thought digital products – especially those coming out of the enterprise world – can be done much better. As we moved out of the garage office – which was actually a living room – we purposefully started hiring the best talent available to realise our vision of building the best digital innovation company in Europe. We originally came from a hard-core engineering background with 3 of our 4 founders being engineers themselves. But we were strategic thinkers as well from day 1 and we always helped our clients to choose the best path to take in order to build the future they imagined. This quickly led us to realise that in the fast paced, ever-changing world of ours only those will succeed who simultaneously manage to master the business, the people and the tech aspect of creating digital products. Therefore we built Supercharge into an integrated digital innovation agency: a digital business consultancy, a design studio and software house all-in-one. And this approach quickly took us on a wild ride building kick-ass digital products used by millions from San Francisco, through Berlin to Jakarta. Today industry leading clients from Europe, the US and Asia turn to Supercharge if they are looking to create digital products that are fit for the future.

Some of our awards

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