A new adventure begins in Amsterdam

Hans Pieter de Vries

Hans Pieter de Vries

Managing Director

Amsterdam Business Innovation News
21 September, 2020

After Budapest and London, we are proud to announce the opening of our Dutch office.

Fuelled with tons of energy and more than enough plans to execute, this month we officially landed in Amsterdam. Happily housed in the Epicenter building, we look forward to starting adding value to the Dutch market and prove ourselves as a first-class innovation partner.

So who are we?

Supercharge was founded ten years ago by a group of friends who were passionate about the endless opportunities the digital world had to offer. Building game-changing, smooth and robust digital solutions was encoded in their DNA and has been a required trait for every Supercharger who has joined us ever since.

Currently we have 130—and counting—Superchargers divided between our offices in London, Budapest and Amsterdam, who are continuously focusing on one thing: bringing true digital innovation to life.

So what do we do?

We are Supercharge and we work together with our clients and partners to create relevant products that are ready to serve tomorrow’s needs. We define digital strategies, design attractive and user-friendly interfaces and build robust software—all with the purpose of turning our client’s vision into an effective digital reality.

And even though we have built strong international references among others in finance, healthcare, (renewable) energy and education, we believe our strength lies in being sector agnostic and enabling cross-pollination in best standards and best practices alike.

Epicenter Amsterdam
Epicenter Amsterdam, Supercharge's new office (source: matchoffice.com)

So why now?

Discussing our expansion plans in the run-up to opening our Amsterdam office, we couldn’t ignore the fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Challenging whether this expansion was well-timed, we thoroughly investigated market trends and talked to our partners and clients.

Finally—even though this might sound somewhat bold—we had to conclude that now, more than ever, there is a need for strong, reliable partnerships as well as sharp and strategic decisions. We need to get out of this pandemic even stronger than how we went into it.

Supercharge CEO Andras Tessenyi reinforced this mindset when he shared the following:

“The COVID crisis and all its implications are once again highlighting the importance of having cutting edge digital channels. At Supercharge we are continuously striving to help our clients turn their vision into high-performing products as a trusted end-to-end innovation partner. The fact that even in such a year we can expect a 25% growth confirms that we are being successful in doing so.”

So why the Netherlands?

Over the last ten years, the Netherlands has manifested itself as a true innovation and tech hub.

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Digital maturity is among the highest in Europe, and when it comes to digital product experience, Dutch companies score among the absolute top within the continent.

Although Amsterdam is characterised by a highly developed innovation culture and ecosystem, significant budgets are still being channelled into innovation efforts, resulting in a stable yearly growth across the sector.

This, combined with the fact that the market is shifting from a multiple-supplier model towards end-to-end solution providers like ourselves, makes us confident that we can start adding value soon.

Our Amsterdam team will have an international setup, combining my own knowledge and network encompassing the Dutch digital market with both local and international digital experts to guarantee an absolute first-class approach.

Hans Pieter de Vries_Supercharge
Hans Pieter de Vries, Managing Director of Supercharge's Amsterdam office

So here we are, feeling really excited to be actively entering the Dutch market and very much looking forward to helping our existing and future clients turn vision into reality.    

Want to know more? Please contact us or visit us at Epicenter Amsterdam.

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