Technology, AI and behavioural science breakfast session

Daniel Homoki-Farkas

Daniel Homoki-Farkas

Managing Director, UK

05 September, 2023

Is your business prepared to create winning offerings in this next-gen league of digital customer experience? Join us for our latest breakfast event on September 13th at The Conduit, London to learn more about the hottest topics in product innovation in the insurance and banking industry.

At this event you will gain a solid understanding of how behavioural science can help stack the odds in your favour at all stages of product development - from defining the offering,  crafting the experience and to ensuring successful customer adoption of your product. With riveting presentations and an interactive panel discussion you will walk away with practical strategies and tips to ensure greater customer engagement through behavioural science directly from industry experts.

The breakfast event will kick off with a delicious breakfast followed by a session from Paula Papp, Behavioural Economist at Frontier Economics. Paula will be unpacking the topic of behavioural science and testing & trialling. This session will highlight the importance of understanding the shifts in context generated by new technologies and how it shapes choices. Tips will be provided which you can apply to improve your digital product experience.