From hangry to happy users: ingredients for best in class conversion

The story of reinventing and rebuilding the leading food delivery app in Hungary

Zsofia Szalay

Zsofia Szalay

Design Innovation Emotional Design
05 July, 2018

Recently we had the honour of reinventing, designing and developing a food delivery app that boasts a leading position in the Hungarian market. Ordering times have been halved, and the renewed application has best in class conversion rates. Here is how we did it.


NetPincér is the Hungarian member of Delivery Hero, the world’s largest online food delivery service. The company is a leading player in the Hungarian market, offering delivery from 700+ restaurants, and is driven by the ambition to make an amazing food ordering experience part of everyone’s daily life.

Netpincér food delivery app opening screen

Focus on mobile

Initially, NetPincér’s primary sales platform was the website. However, the increasing number of mobile orders brought the company’s attention to the mobile platform and motivated NetPincér to replace their old app with a smarter and more easy to use application. Based on our experience in mobile product strategy and development, NetPincér chose Supercharge to design and build this application for iOS and Android. Our goal was no less than to create a seamless takeaway experience on both platforms and improve every key performance metric of the product.

Work together

Supercharge’s product design and mobile development team joined forces with NetPincér’s backend developers and Delivery Hero’s conversion experts. During a series of workshops both online and in-person, we mapped NetPincér’s goals and familiarized ourselves with the best practices of the online takeaway business through Delivery Hero’s remarkable domain experience. This collaboration made it possible to create an application which is appealing to a wide and diverse user base.

Hangry user definition

Help the hangry user

Choosing the desired dish from NetPincér’s abundant supply is the core element of the user journey. One of the core problems was the number of hungry users struggling with the choice and getting less and less patient with each click. To excel in conversion, the new application makes dish selection as effortless as possible by introducing discovery features and one-click re-order as soon as the user opens the app. Moreover, it helps to alleviate the cognitive load by offering smart, personal suggestions based on the user’s previous orders.

Checkout process - Netpincér

Cart at hand: keeping the users in the purchase flow is the most important factor. One very common interruption is when users want to review their order, or change their minds about an item. We designed an easily accessible, “sneak peek” cart which enables this without leaving the restaurant menu screen, so they can immediately resume browsing afterward.

Checkout summary screen - Netpincér

Seamless purchase experience: we designed a straightforward and concise checkout summary screen where the users arrive once the dishes have been selected. On this screen the users can easily review their order, change the time of delivery, or add a comment for the rider. To ensure convenient one-click payment, we offer the users’ most recently selected payment method as default while keeping the option easily adjustable.

Delight in details

Since the service is location-based, address selection is a crucial action. The application uses GPS to determine the user’s location and automatically selects their nearest saved address to facilitate address selection and minimize the possibility of user error.

Usability and emotional design

Simple and lovable: usability and emotional design: Supercharge’s design team aimed for a friendly atmosphere which aligns with e-commerce best practices and differentiates the app from the crowd. Our Art Director created a large collection of hand-drawn icons to make the app experience personal and connect with the user on an emotional level. To complement the strong branding, we added a softer shade of NetPincér’s red to smooth the appearance, and kept the green color of the website for calls to action since green has a positive association of approval. We also used a white background to keep the information easy to scan.

React Native

We picked React Native, the Facebook developed cross-platform framework as a weapon of choice for a number of reasons. First of all, the application has low complexity both in terms of functionality and in native functions, which makes it a perfect fit. Secondly, we concluded that in this specific case cost can be saved over the long run by having a single code base, especially during the post launch period. Last but not least, the codebase can potentially be shared with the webapp in the future if necessary. We were pleasantly surprised by the relative ease of development, and how close the app feels and performs to native.

The result

Following the launch, NetPincér experienced immense growth in mobile purchases, competing in numbers with the orders from their primary platform, the website.

The growth is the result of the greater variety of available dishes and the improved conversion. To achieve the latter we simplified the ordering process and nearly halved the order time, cutting it by 50 seconds. Now, NetPincér ranks among the top three in the 40+ Delivery Hero countries in terms of mobile conversion rate. The app has absolutely smashed expectations and we couldn’t be more delighted.

The nexts steps

A strategic product is never finished. Now it is time for us to A/B test, add minor features, and optimize each metric even more. True to the Supercharge way, we not only aspire to make the NetPincér app number 1 in Hungary, but to beat every other app across the markets of the Delivery Hero family.

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