How did we end up as one of the fastest growing companies across Europe?

András Tessényi

Andras Tessenyi


Financial Services Management and Leadership
27 July, 2018

Our Background

First of all let’s talk about what we do. At Supercharge we create strategic digital products for our partners that are often destined to be used by millions of people. We strategise, we design and we build these products across various industries but our strongest track record is in financial services. For example, we built three cutting-edge mobile banks in the past 3 years that are currently used by millions of users across Europe and Asia.

However, there are hundreds upon hundreds of companies building digital products all over Europe so there must be certain things that we do differently. This got us thinking about 3 areas which we think were key to our growth.


Many similar companies tend to fall victim to their own initial success and end up building their own products that they can’t successfully take to market.

It is very easy to confuse being great at building products and being great at taking a certain product in a certain industry to market.

We always had a very strong focus on what makes our core services better and avoided building entirely different businesses within one organisation. But there is another aspect of focus that is key for us: we only work on a product when we believe it has a good shot at being a success. Nowadays this means we roughly take 1 in about 20 opportunities on.


We have also been pretty selective on the hiring front and we generally look out for two things: exceptional talent and the right mindset. This is pretty straightforward itself but the devil lies in the detail.

We set rigorous standards for hard skills (especially in engineering) but we pay even more attention to character (looking at factors like humility and conscientiousness) and possessing a strong growth mindset.

We measure closely how our new hires fare and we have a strong feedback loop into perfecting the hiring process. Additionally, we pay extra attention to nurturing talent which again sounds simple enough but there is a lot of depth to how we train our colleagues and how we give freedom to people to learn by themselves. And this leads onto our third and probably most important factor.


This is the way of the Supercharger. We have started out as a group of friends being super passionate about creating digital products so we had a great foundation to build on.

What is really exciting to see is how this core culture stuck around and became the DNA of the company. It’s a culture of curiosity, passion and perseverance.

It encapsulates a lot of our values: such as always making it happen, always aiming for great outcomes, being obsessive learners, acting with integrity and respect for others, and aiming to become thought leaders. What is really heartening to see is how quickly new hires get on board with the culture and how well it is present in all of our decisions.


So our success is not rocket science or a result of a single great leap but it’s a small number of conscious and disciplined decisions.

And it makes us very bullish about the future. We keep seeing daily examples of the tangible positive impact our work brings to both to end users and our customers. Cutting food delivery order times by 50% for hungry customers. Making sure people with disabilities can also be up to date with their finances. These are just some of the many goals that make our work worthwhile. And of course, seeing our partners realise their business goals at the same time is what drives our own business.

So we look forward to the rest of the journey wherever it takes us. But one things is for sure: we will never stop pursuing our aspiration of becoming the best digital product house out there.

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