Supercharge reinforces its presence in the US

Timothy Angiolillo, Supercharge

Timothy Angiolillo

Managing Director

Business Updates
19 December, 2022

Following our expansion into London, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Helsinki from our HQ in Budapest, we are proud to have opened our New York office earlier this year

Supercharge has been servicing US clients for over a decade, and the region has become such a substantial part of our portfolio and strategic focus that opening a physical office in New York was an obvious next step in our continued growth.

Who are we?

Supercharge was founded 12 years ago by a group of friends who were passionate about digital. The founders believed that there is strong demand for an end-to-end innovation partner who can not only handle digital strategy and design but can confidently build challenging tech. We’ve now grown to over 200 Superchargers across our 6 global offices, all focused on driving digital excellence for our clients. 

As an end-to-end digital product studio, we define digital strategies, design human-centered interfaces, and build robust software — all with the purpose of turning our client’s vision into market leading digital experiences.

We focus primarily on Insurance & Financial Services, Healthcare, and Energy – though we continually pursue exciting work outside of these verticals to keep a fresh and balanced perspective. 

Why now?

Coming out of the pandemic, continuing our growth in the US became our top strategic priority.

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More than ever, US businesses need strong partners that can deliver tech at scale.

When you couple how difficult it is to hire and retain the right tech talent with the accelerated rate of change and uncertainty we are all living through, we’re well positioned as a nimble agency partner to drive speed to market and future-proof digital tools for our clients.

Who am I?

👋 I’m Tim Angiolillo, most people call me Tim A. I’ve spent the past decade working with insurance and financial service companies to advance customer centricity through their digital experiences.

Tim Angiolillo, Supercharge

I’ve seen the way design and human-centric strategies unlock business value at companies of all sizes, and at the same time, I’ve seen how hard it can be to meaningfully prioritize customer experience as a strategy. I’ve seen consultant fatigue, the difficulty in retaining tech and product talent, and countless false starts in operationalizing innovation within large organizations.

This is why I’m so excited to expand Supercharge within the US; it’s rare that a boutique partner can credibly couple excellent product design with excellent engineering and truly be an end-to-end partner. By bringing a product-thinking mindset to our clients, we’ll unlock the focus and speed to market needed to fulfill their digital aspirations.

What else?

Our New York office is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and we will be working as an integrated international team with you in the US. We’re here to modernize and Supercharge your existing experiences or create completely new products and services from the ground up, and we're ready to jump into your most complex challenges. Let’s get to work!