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Mit unserer Unterstützung konnte BTPN durch schnelles Handeln Millionen von unversorgten Kund*innen gewinnen. Sie hat eine neue digitale Bank namens Jenius eingeführt und in weniger als 12 Monaten knapp 2 Millionen Downloads verzeichnet.

Jenius application
Jenius application

A massive market opportunity

BTPN, one of Indonesia’s leading banks, sensed a serious market opportunity in 2015. With 264 million people, Indonesia is the 4th most populous country on Earth. Add to that the geographic fragmentation created by having 17,000 islands, more than 300 million mobile subscriptions and a large young population and the country becomes fertile soil for digital disruption.

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To meet this opportunity and challenge, the bank laid out ambitious plans to onboard 2 million new customers within 2 years by setting up a new digital-only bank targeted at the millennial generation.

Let’s beat everyone to the market

Timing was essential as the race to the market kicked off. Supercharge was selected, alongside Finastra to build the experience. Our team focused on the mobile app, architecting them in a way ensuring rapid time to market. In banking rapid cannot mean hasty: sacrificing quality for the sake of speed is not an option. Efficiency was the name of the game, and our careful planning ensured that the app became high-performing, maintainable and secure while getting to the market quickly.

This approach enabled us to go from the first line of code to go-live in just under eight months, beating all other competitors to the market.

And Jenius is not just a customer acquisition app, it’s a fully-fledged digital bank. It offers completely digital onboarding for new customers. It has all the basics covered to provide a full range of banking services: current accounts, savings products, request money and much more. It also has a lot more smart functionality aimed at the millennial generation, such as bill splitting and cashtag, a feature allowing one to transfer money by using $name tags. Because sending money to your friend $Joe is arguably cooler than typing in an account number.

Uptake goes through the roof

As the app hit the market a flurry of marketing activity started, but the results surprised everyone. Downloads topped a million within a few months and even better, the app was seeing over 50k daily users. 

Jenius quickly became the go-to mobile-first bank in Indonesia, netting close to 2m downloads over a period of 12 months. And the app not only raked in new customers for BTPN, but awards as well.

The bank received the “Excellence in Business Model Innovation” award by Retail Banker International, the “Digital Transformer of the Year” award by IDC and most importantly Jenius was named the “Best Digital Bank” in 2018 by The Asian Banker. Way to go! 

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