building a business on sensor data

Supercharge cooperated with TrueMotion, a leading usage-based insurance solution provider in the US, to rapidly deliver more than a dozen applications for top American insurance companies.

Building business on sensor data

TrueMotion is an innovative telematics platform that relies on powerful AI and Machine Learning algorithms to transform drivers’ smartphone sensor data into real insights. Their platform enables insurers to offer bespoke insurance packages to each of their customers based on their so-called driver score derived from their individual driving habits. Through their apps’ crash detection functionality, the collected data is also used to save the lives of people in car accidents – which is considered to be one of TrueMotion’s primary missions.

As TrueMotion creates mobile applications for each of their insurance partners, their solution is used by millions of drivers interested in getting more favourable insurance conditions from their insurers. Their clients include insurance giants such as Progressive, AmFam or USAA.

Partnering with the company and taking care of the mobile related technical delivery, we helped them scale up their business by enabling the company to ship applications to their growing client base much faster.

Usage-based insurance: a win-win scenario for all parties involved

TrueMotion’s solution is built on the principles of the usage-based insurance (UBI) model, where the insurance fee is highly dependent on the insured customer’s behaviour as backed up by data.

A rising trend in the insurtech sector, the UBI model offers equally beneficial conditions for both insurers and insured drivers. 

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On the one hand, insured customers with safer driving habits can receive better insurance conditions from their insurance providers. This also constitutes an advantage to insurers, as they would attract low-risk chauffeurs to their customer base.

On the other hand, insurers can make sure that people with more problematic driving profiles pay a higher price for their services, thus making up for the higher risks involved. Going beyond the obvious benefits for both parties, the UBI model has the power to change drivers’ attitudes on the roads and support TrueMotion’s battle against deadly car accidents.


Our main task was to build a technical solution that enables TrueMotion to establish a scalable business based on the UBI model, offering multifaceted benefits to both their insurer partners and their insured customer base. But serving a large number of insurance providers with customised UBI solutions was a complex technical challenge that needed to be taken care of.

Building the technical core of a bulletproof UBI solution

Every time a new client reached out to TrueMotion, they had the same needs in mind regarding the core functionalities of their desired app, yet there were still too many client-specific needs requested. Predictably, the code base grew with each new client with maintenance costs reaching unexpected heights, and onboarding a new provider became very energy and time-consuming.

Therefore, we aimed to reduce the onboarding time necessary for new insurance companies, which included finding a way to rapidly create new and easily customisable applications. Minimising the maintenance cost of these apps was also a critical angle, as supporting more than 15 different applications came with a great expenditure.

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Our team of seasoned mobile platform experts opted for creating a white-label mobile software development kit (SDK), which successfully halved the timespan of the onboarding and the new app releases to 3-4 weeks.

On top of this, sharing the codebase between the applications reduced the maintenance costs too.

A scalable insurtech solution to serve millions

Building on our state-of-the-art digital methodologies and industry best practices, we provided scalable and easily maintainable solutions to serve millions of monthly active users. The usage-based insurance solution of TrueMotion is now used as the bedrock for a range of digital services offered by the top US insurance providers.

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As part of our collaboration with TrueMotion we have created more than 100 application releases for more than 15 different insurance companies within two years.

By providing our partner with the tech capabilities necessary to ship their technology at scale we also enabled Truemotion to focus on what really matters: building their business. In July 2021 Truemotion was acquired by Cambridge Mobile Telematics.

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