lernen ohne unter- brechungen

Die App von DisHelps schafft einen sicheren Ort für Kinder mit Lernbehinderungen und hilft ihnen, ihre Herausforderungen zu meistern, indem sie ihnen einen praktischen digitalen Werkzeugkasten bietet.


Placing learning disabilities in brackets

Learning disabilities, such as dysgraphia or ADHD, make education a bitter and frustrating experience for thousands of students. In a world, where mental health is still a taboo topic, students touched by this issue can feel discouraged to speak up about their learning or concentration challenges. Without being able to start these conversations, they have no clue about how to get around their problems, which can make them feel left alone.

DisHelps, a group of highly motivated high-school girls, envisioned breaking down these walls of isolation and making students with learning disabilities more connected through an application.

They planned to create a safe place to share individual stories and provide a handy digital toolbox that helps the ones concerned to cope with everyday school situations and free-time activities.

To make this vision come true and gain the opportunity to drive a real impact through realising their idea, the girls have joined UNICEF Hungary’s Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge programme. We are proud to have supported them on this journey.


Giving back to empower equal learning opportunities

Since mentoring is an important tool for us to give back to society, our journeys have crossed at Generation Unlimited’s international competition co-organised by UNICEF, where we ended up coaching DisHelps’ team on how to pay it forward using the power of design.

Working together, we introduced the girls to the basic concepts of digital product planning and accompanied them on the journey of creating a user-friendly application that sustainably and scalably supports their goals. 

The carefully crafted customer journey helps the students concerned to playfully get around in the app, while they learn to gain control over their individual conditions and discover their hidden potentials.

From handy practical tips to informative deep-dive articles, the option to reach out to local professional help or benefit from the healing power of online communities, the app offers a wide range of functionalities that supports the young users on different levels to accept themselves.

The app's knowledge base function

By using the app, children learn how to tackle everyday academic situations effectively according to their personal learning struggles.

The co-pilot: Karcsi, the giraffe

Designing an application for such a unique audience requires special attention. Seamlessly channelling the focus of children with attention deficits and reading disabilities was the most critical challenge for us to beat. 


We knew that the right solution would be keeping users on an adventurous customer journey. Hence, our teams created a visually stimulating user interface supported by clear and snappy user interactions, that doesn’t let users wander off the paved road. Complying with these principles, the app offers a fully accessible experience for its young audience.

The girls came up with the idea of Karcsi, the lovely protagonist, who is not only everyone’s personal guide to get around in the application but someone who also struggles with a learning disability himself.

Karcsi, DisHelps' protagonist
Creating Karcsi, DisHelps' protagonist

With his caring presence throughout the customer journey, Karcsi, empathising with users at the highest level, creates an overly accepting atmosphere that helps young folks change the way they think about their conditions.


Changing perspectives

DisHelps’ application drives positive change by promoting acceptance and inclusivity in the field of education while raising awareness of the struggles of learning disabilities. And even more: it helps children with learning disabilities to feel normal, guiding them to exploit their underlying potentials.

With their idea, the team has managed to get into the international finals of UNICEF’s Generations Unlimited programme. Working together with DisHelps’ team was truly an inspirational journey for us.