creating the shop of tomorrow

We help industry-leading clients to redefine the way they sell in the digital space. From fintechs to food ordering services we work on crafting journeys which organically fit into the lives of their customers. The future of e-commerce is about perfect product offers through understanding needs and life-situations in real-time. The boundaries between physical and digital shopping are vanishing necessitating a novel, holistic thinking about customer experience. Delivery innovations keep redrawing expectations about speed and convenience. We help our clients creating the shopping experience of tomorrow.

moments that matter

Kodak Moments have a simple mission: enable people to print moments that matter. And by printing we mean way more than just photos in any size and finish, we talk about a wide variety of exciting gifts and custom made photo books.

leave no one hungry

How we helped the country's leading food delivery service to become a dominant player in the m-commerce space.
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