a future where software can define anything

In a world where every machine is connected to a network of billions of other software can shape our lives with spectacular effect. Health, transportation, agriculture and industry will reach new heights of performance and efficiency. Our deep roots in software engineering and design thinking enable us to craft products which ensure that the new connected reality aims to make human life better and easier. We work with clients from various industries, not just focusing on the tech side of IoT, but making sure the solutions seamlessly integrate into the life of their employees and customers.

tech pioneers in the making

Revolution Robotics dreamt about making educational robotics more accessible to kids all around the world with their IoT solution. We designed and developed their application to help them embark on this journey.


make healthtech loveable

How can a user interface be so powerful that it is able to save human lives? In HandInScan’s case, boosting their product’s user experience with emotional design was the key to increase the efficiency of their product by lightyears.

Hand In Scan scanner - SuperchargeHandinscan - Decoration
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