Supercharging International Energy Allocation & Nomination

Revolutionising the Interconnector Market

Matt Dunn

Matt Dunn

Innovation Consultant

Daniel Homoki-Farkas

Daniel Homoki-Farkas

Managing Director, UK

Business Updates
15 June, 2023

In today's rapidly evolving energy landscape, the role of Interconnectors has become increasingly vital in connecting and optimising energy markets worldwide. One such influential player is BritNed, an international company that owns and operates the HVDC Interconnector between the Netherlands and the UK

Alongside as being a transmission system operator, BritNed is also a market facilitator providing a commercial offering of 1000MW of capacity to electricity trading companies across Europe. For BritNed, the biggest challenge in embarking on a transformative project was instigating a paradigm shift to break away from the status quo and adopt a fresh perspective on the energy market’s setup. To achieve this, BritNed sought a new partner who could bring innovative ideas and facilitate a different angle of approach. Enter Supercharge, a company known for its ability to challenge conventions and foster change. As their innovation partner, we joined BritNed on their mission to revolutionise their IT systems.

Together we’ve created Empire, a next-generation Allocation & Nomination platform called "Empire", and alongside it, a new support setup for BritNed’s Market Participants. Our work with BritNed will help the business become more flexible in developing new commercial products for its Customers, respond to market needs faster and provide better customer support and engagement. 

The launch of the new modern and responsive web application will allow BritNed and its Participants to use one single platform with a uniform experience instead of three different platforms with convoluted processes. "Empire" unlocks new value by rethinking the functionality of the three legacy platforms and building on it.

A new product offering has already been created through this collaboration: Buy Now auctions. Buy Now auctions allow customers to purchase spare Day Ahead and Intraday capacity after the initial allocations providing a more flexible approach for Market Participants. The best-in-class design promises to make a material difference in the way the BritNed team operates the platform by enhancing the user experience, increasing efficiency and ease of use.