Whitepaper: Prevention tech in insurance

Shifting from financial protection to harm prevention

Adam Almasi_Supercharge

Adam Almasi

Product Strategist

Balazs Fonagy

Balazs Fonagy

Chief Strategist

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22 February, 2023

To keep pace with evolving customer expectations, insurers must embrace new relationships with policyholders. This requires a fundamental shift in the way carriers serve customers, creating a need for new operating models, products, customer experiences and a shift in the foundational value promised to policyholders.

In this report we will highlight how P&C insurers are using prevention tech to make customers safer and reduce harm - including an overview of leading prevention experiences across home, auto, commercial, and cyber.

The insurer’s new role: the shield that prevents harm

The most exciting products aim to redefine what insurance means for customers. P&C insurers love talking about protection, but it is usually limited to customers’ financial interests and doesn’t involve preventing them from actual harm.

Many carriers now aspire for a new role: a shield that prevents harm. In this role, insurers go beyond assessing risk and covering losses and take an active involvement in decreasing risk itself. It makes life safer and creates a mutual benefit for insurers and their customers.


What will you learn from this report?

  • The business case for prevention and recommendations on how you can make the shift from protection to prevention in your digital ecosystem
  • A primer on IoT and Behavioural Design
  • An overview of leading prevention experiences in auto, homeowners, cyber, and Commercial Insurance
  • Supercharge’s recommendations on how to incorporate prevention tech in your customer experiences

learn how to leverage prevention tech through examples from leading insurers

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