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How we helped the country's leading food delivery service to become a dominant player in the m-commerce space.


How to double your order volume on mobile

Though we haven’t solved world hunger yet, the shiny new application we designed and implemented for food delivery service Delivery Hero Hungary (Netpincér) is soaring in popularity, feeding over 20.000 hungry mouths every day. By shifting the e-commerce engine into the next gear with its freshly designed and developed mobile application, the company has grown year on year orders 100% on mobile, while making food ordering on-the-go a pleasant and efficient experience for millions. And by efficient we mean real tangible results:

Hungary now ranks in the TOP3 among the 40+ Delivery Hero countries when it comes to conversion on mobile, which rose 15% after the release of the new app.

A lot at stake: the dominant food ordering player in the Hungarian market doubles down on mobile

Netpincér is the Hungarian member of Delivery Hero, the world’s biggest food delivery service. They wanted to supercharge the mobile food ordering experience with a new application. For this challenge, they partnered with our team to lead the co-innovation project. Their team brought their industry knowledge to the table and we did the same with our product design and development expertise, which proved to be the perfect match.

Designing the experience: satisfying hangry customers

Feeling hungry and angry goes hand-in-hand. From a user experience point of view, this means that hangry customers are exposed to elevated stress when ordering food, so any glitch in the experience can turn the rumbling in their stomach into an emotional storm.

That’s something Delivery Hero knows very well, and that’s why we considered this vulnerable state of mind the starting point of the design process.

Our goal was to create a flow that helps hungry users make quick and smart decisions without jumping through any unnecessary hoops. To make sure the journey goes without any emotional hitch we continuously interviewed hungry customers to validate each and every step. We integrated this continuous user testing with the best practices and international benchmarks of the Delivery Hero app family to systematically eliminate even the slightest bump in the flow. 

As a result, we came up with a mobile application which has a brief and dynamic flow aimed at one thing: making the whole food ordering procedure as quick as possible for hangry users.

If you know what you want you get it with blazing speed, if you don’t, we will grab your hand and lead

When it comes to food ordering there are two possibilities: the customer knows what they want or they are not sure yet. We took care to treat both cases with equal attention, maximizing checkout speed for those who came with a clear order in mind and steering indecisive users towards something yummy with little thinking required.

Smart filtering, food discovery with recommendations, intuitive basket management and one-click re-order options all help decision-making and minimise hesitation, resulting in a smooth checkout process and happy customers.

Maximizing manoeuvrability with the tech stack: React Native

As Delivery Hero is the most popular service in Hungary and the food ordering market is in a state of constant change, we needed to find a technical solution that makes it quick and effective to react to shifting customer needs with rapid innovation. Although it is usually not our primary option, after careful consideration the cross-platform framework React Native was selected to power the application. 

Why is that? The main reasons are twofold: The feature set is relatively simple with limited native OS or hardware functionality and a good chunk of the code can be shared between platforms. This allows for fast iterations while still keeping UI performance optimal. Rapid manoeuvrability provided by the technology proved to be the perfect fit for Delivery Hero’s innovation-focused mindset. 

Laser-focused design and ability to nimbly explore new frontiers cemented our client’s position as the market leader

As a result of all our design and development efforts we halved ordering times, doubled the YoY mobile order volume and got our client into the TOP3 in terms of the group member’s conversation rates globally. We also managed to make customers happy: the streamlined ordering process resonated extremely well with the user base, elevating the reviews of the app to a solid 4.7 and 4.5 on iOS and Android respectively.

And this is just the beginning: exciting new features and services are being rolled out to the user base every month cementing our client’s position as a market leader.

Are you hungry for your own m-commerce success story? We are here to help.

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