building the future workplace

MOL, a leading energy player in the European market, envisioned creating the future of a workplace and relocated their 2500 employees to an impressive new headquarter, the 29-storey MOL Campus. By developing a unique digital platform, we enable employees to fully leverage the incredible facilities of the new building.
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MOL Campus: the future of a workplace built on 29 floors

MOL Group, a leading Central and Eastern European energy market player, has always kept its eyes open for innovation opportunities. Over the past decade, the company has developed a diverse service portfolio that spans multiple industries. However, due to the nature of their operations, MOL Group's employees were spread across various locations in Budapest, working on different service offerings.

Seeking to create a cohesive and inspiring work environment that could bring all 2,500 current and future MOL colleagues under the same roof, the company decided to build an impressive new office on 29 floors that would finally reach up to the group’s ambitious plans and give them a competitive edge in attracting top talents.

MOL Campus
The brand new MOL Campus building

However, the challenge extended beyond the physical construction of the tower. MOL needed a helping hand in seamlessly integrating the office space into the digital realm, ensuring a smooth transition for employees and enabling them to focus on their work from day one.

As their trusted innovation partner, we collaborated with MOL's stakeholders to develop a cross-device solution that supports employees in their daily tasks and adds a touch of excitement to workdays with recreational activities, enhancing the overall office experience.

Smart building, smart solutions

The newly constructed MOL Campus, currently the tallest building in Budapest, was designed to be a modern and sustainable workplace. Complementing it with a digital solution, the goal was to simplify the daily routines of individuals by providing easy access to essential features such as desk reservations, meeting room bookings, parking space reservations, and app-controlled lockers in the flexible workspace.

Additionally, we planned that employees could access amenities like the fitness area and bicycle storage through the web and native apps.

MOL Campus: personal assistant screen
MOL Campus x Supercharge - locker
temperature avvc - mol campus

MOL's dedication to sustainability shines through in the building's innovative features: 900 m2 solar panels, geothermal cooling, and rainwater recycling. The commitment extends to the app, empowering employees to control the meeting rooms' temperature and lighting, and encouraging eco-friendly practices like taking stairs over elevators, all while promoting active education on energy efficiency.

A cross-device tool always at hand

Navigating multiple floors efficiently, especially under time pressure, can be daunting. And let’s face it: booking a last-minute meeting room or swapping between locations is an integral part of ‘just another day in the office’.


To address these challenges, our user research-driven digital solution ensures that MOL employees can access all necessary features at the right time and place. We designed our app to be compatible with multiple devices, accommodating office workers' varied digital proficiency levels.

As a result, employees can interact with our solution on their mobile devices or laptops – depending on which device is at hand.

kiosk - mol campus

Furthermore, the building's kiosks, TVs, and displays are synchronized with our solution and can be easily controlled through a user-friendly administrative interface. This synchronization ensures that individuals always receive the most up-to-date information wherever they are. 

Better employee support, happier people

Transitioning to a new work environment can bring about a multitude of uncertainties for employees. Recognizing this, MOL sought to proactively address the growing need for HR and IT consultation, aiming to provide more efficient solutions for individual challenges.

MolCampus_Consultation Scheduling

We implemented a convenient solution to streamline administrative tasks and optimize employees' time. Through the mobile app or tablets mounted on walls throughout the building, employees gained the ability to schedule appointments easily. This empowered them to efficiently manage their consultations, freeing up valuable time to focus on their core responsibilities and fostering a happier work environment.

Visual design: the link between physical and digital

When designing the visual concept, our primary goal was to provide users with a comprehensive and cohesive experience between the physical building and digital interfaces. We wanted to ensure that when someone is in the building and subsequently navigates through the digital interfaces, they perceive continuity and a seamless connection between the two environments.

MOL Campus - visual direction
The building's most distinctive features are its L-shaped design and curved, almost wave-like forms. We incorporated these elements into the digital interfaces to extend the building's character to the digital space. 

A digitally connected headquarter to boost productivity and brand image

MOL’s new digitally connected 29-storey headquarters takes the concept of an office space to unprecedented heights and enables employees to tailor their work environment to their specific needs, creating optimal conditions for productive meetings and workflows.

With our solution, MOL not only made the transitioning experience smooth for employees and educated them on how to benefit from the building’s great new facilities, but also contributed to solidifying the company’s brand image and culture, streamlining its operations, and enhancing productivity for its workforce of up to 3,000 employees.