building loyalty without borders

MOL Group is ambitiously venturing to build a digital loyalty program that is powerful enough to bridge nations and universally favour customers around Europe. We were there to help with laying down the digital bedrock of their loyalty scheme.

Mol move case - main screen - Supercharge
Mol move case - main screen - Superchargemol case - asset 1mol case - asset 1mol case - asset 3
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Fuel with extras

MOL Group is an international fuel company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. It is active in over 30 countries and boasts a track record of more than 100 years in the industry. 

MOL Group wanted to enhance the company’s brand image, promote additional products and services available at service stations (such as their versatile gastro line) and, as the name suggests, cement customer loyalty. 

In 2020, MOL Group launched its brand new loyalty and rewards program with the ambition of expanding it for all MOL customers internationally in the future. 

We were there at the successful kickstart of their initial loyalty program in Croatia, offering a wide range of benefits and easy access to the company’s services through the INA Loyalty app and website. Supercharge was contracted to participate in laying down the digital foundation of their international loyalty scheme, and continue to work on its expansion in many countries.

Our long-term cooperation has started with comprehensive discovery and feature mapping: since then, we have designed many of their loyalty applications and websites using the same core, but making sure that each function and flow is in line with the actual market needs.

MOL Move, MOL Group's loyalty application for the Hungarian market - Supercharge
MOL Move, MOL Group's loyalty application for the Hungarian market

Tier-based rewards and fixed discounts

Looking beyond the outdated “earn and burn” style loyalty programs was a conscious decision on MOL’s part. Instead, they adopted a tier-based model in which users move through four tiers – ascending (or descending) based on the number of points they collected via buying fuel, shop products, or station services.

Such a tiered membership structure coupled with a reliably constant discount system can easily convey a sense of community, while the extended point collection phase can boost user engagement.

Mol move - benefit structure
MOL Move's benefit structure

Not all fun and games…

…but we have quite a few of those too! The nature of the point collection setup and the variable rewards system have allowed us to take a lead role in experimenting with various bits of colourful gamification elements.

Gamification elements in the MOL loyalty app - Supercharge
Gamification elements in the MOL Move app

Introducing major prize-winning games and recurring scratchcards into the loyalty app now act as motivational tools to further enhance product sales and ultimately increase customer happiness. Often combined with mouthwatering gastro prizes, these games also serve as funky advertising platforms for MOL’s Fresh Corner food and drink offers.

One program – many apps

Despite sharing the fundamental program structure and rewards scheme, loyalty apps and websites within the MOL Group often substantially diverge from each other in looks, content and offerings.

MOL Loyalty - Localisation of apps
Customising MOL Group's loyalty app according to the different market needs

While the main features and functions chiefly overlap, when breaching a new market, designs, benefits, games, and prizes must be adjusted according to local brand goals and legal regulations.

Designing for customisation

In 2020, MOL's digital loyalty program premiered in Croatia, followed shortly by the Slovenian and Hungarian apps. The design phase for the next countries is already ongoing, new launches are imminent.


Mol loyalty app stats - Supercharge

Heading into the fourth and fifth installment of MOL’s new network of loyalty programs, we can safely say that our endeavours have brought about the desired result for our client: downloads have surpassed 1,000,000 with approximately 750,000 monthly active users. Daily activity ranges between 100,000-150,000 users, doubling instantly on days when a new scratchcard is published.