financial literacy for the next generations

OTP Junior Next's goal is to teach financial literacy and career planning for the younger generations. The app adds real value to the life of students while successfully drives the bank’s brand awareness among the customers of the future.
OTP Junior Supercharge Case Study

Financial literacy for the next generations

Setting up long-term financial goals as a teenager might seem like a far-off and confusing thought at first sight. This should be no surprise as the knowledge for making well-grounded money decisions is usually not covered in school curriculums. 

OTP Bank, one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe, recognised this issue and decided to create an app focusing on teaching financial literacy and career planning for youngsters between 16-24 years.

To call this educational digital tool to life that converts young users into actual customers rejuvenating the bank’s clientele, Supercharge teamed up with OTP and led the creation of a brand new app from scratch.

From ideation to launch, covering phases such as digital strategy, user research, product design and development, we worked closely with the bank to build an app for the Hungarian market that fulfils the mission while capturing the interest of Gen Z.

OTP Junior Case Study Supercharge
Dani, the app's protagonist

Smart and consistent money management

When it comes to finances, OTP’s vision was to connect with students and set them on the journey of financial independence. To meet this aspiration, we integrated an internal job board into the app that provides users with temporary student job opportunities while teaching them the real value of money.

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Going further into financial literacy, we implemented a goal-based saving function that educates youngsters on how to reach a bigger financial goal in a consistent manner.

Whether it is about buying a festival ticket or a gaming console, the app provides a fun way to get there. (We tell more about why goal-based budgeting works in the first place in this article)

Having these functions in mind, OTP Junior Next playfully guides young folks towards a more conscious and responsible way of handling money.

Career choices made smooth

Junior Next’s goal was not only to help youngsters with their current financial situation. The aspiration was to make sure that users won’t have to worry about their finances in the future. That’s why we were so eager to include a function that helps them figure out the most suitable career path. 

We know that such a decision takes a good amount of conscious effort, self-awareness and research, that youngsters do not necessarily dispose of at this age. So we did our best to get them acquainted with a wide range of career opportunities and helped to get to know themselves in the most interactive and engaging way we could imagine.

OTP Junior Case Screens
OTP Junior Next's internal job board

As a result, we implemented a future planner that even provides personalised career recommendations. Using the expertise of a professional career advisor, users can conduct an in-app survey to get the chance to learn more about their true selves and gain a better understanding of future career options. Once students have filled out the survey, the app guides them to discover the different career paths that match their personality, interest and competences the best.

Two goals, one experience

Although the app supports users both in their financial planning and career decisions, these two seemingly different paths are united by a well-thought and engaging user experience.

To realise this experience and keep interactions exciting for our audience, Gen Z, we relied on the hybrid of conversational and traditional UI.

Dani, the app’s protagonist, engages in an interactive discussion with the users from the very first moment of their encounter through a chat window and follows them through their path of realising their goals.

Our technology choices, combining native development forms with Angular, let us create a smooth user experience that satisfies the generational habits and works equally well from desktop and mobile.

Building the future of a bank

OTP’s new app connects with the younger generation in a meaningful way. The app is a good example of a product that adds real value to the life of students while successfully drives the bank’s brand awareness among the customers of the future.

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