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Sortter, an ambitious Nordic fintech, is ready to revolutionise the financial market by selling complex lending products online based on a simple e-commerce model. Supercharge was there to help them get their service off the ground and build a platform that has a true potential to disrupt the digital marketplace.
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Sortter, the digital compass of the Nordic financial market

The conditions of a loan have a sizable impact on how much one eventually ends up paying to the bank. Sortter‘s aggregator platform displays real-time deals from a wide range of financial institutions, sorted based on how suitable they are for the user, showing the most favourable options at the top of the list.

With the help of Sortter's service, customers can orient themselves in the world of confusing numbers, small prints and dubious financial terms, discovering the best possible offers with no struggle.

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Sortter's aggregator platform lists the most favourable lending products based on users personal financial data

Besides loan services, Sortter also provides guides and comparisons for various financial products. Backed by their holistic portfolio, including traditional mortgages, credit card deals and even modern tools like mobile wallets, they aspire to set up a platform that serves as a perfect one-stop source whenever a difficult financial decision needs to be made.

So, this sounds like a smooth service, right?

But behind the scenes, there were plenty of technical, product and business-related challenges to be tackled for the platform to reach its full potential. Our design and development teams worked hard together with Sortter to ensure that this underlying complexity would never leave a mark on the final customer experience.

Irresistible financial deals only a few clicks away

When applying the laws of e-commerce to financial products, the digital presence of a service can certainly make or break a business. This is especially true in the financially mature Nordic region, where loan seekers are spoiled by a plethora of aggregator platforms competing to deliver the best possible deals to their screens.

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So, to make sure that Sortter would come up as the absolute winner in this overly competitive league, we needed to tweak the performance of their digital platform.

In Sortter’s league, search engines are the ultimate starting line of this crazy race. To ensure the best possible position for their website in Google, our team carefully ticked every technical requirement from our ultimate search engine optimisation best practice list.

As a result, Sortter set its name in stone on the top of the most relevant search queries and considerably boosted its services’ findability.

Seamless user experience to skyrocket conversions

Once a user finds Sortter’s website, all eyes are on the number of checkouts. Upon their visit to the site, loan seekers have to answer certain personal financial questions, based on which the platform automatically calculates their risk profile.

Needless to say, if not optimised correctly, this flow can get really tiresome for most users resulting in a high number of them churning out. With the number of checkouts being the key indicator of Sortter’s success, we surely wanted to avoid this scenario.

So, we gave our all to design a heavily streamlined journey that reduces the interaction needed from the users to the absolute essential, helping them get through the flow as soon as possible.

We strived to design the calculators, the first interaction points to be as simple as possible. We kept in mind that their ultimate purpose was to help customers find out about the cost of a loan before applying with the least possible effort.

The result couldn't be more straightforward from the customers' perspective: they only have to select how much money they need and provide some relevant personal data to access a wide selection of loan offers.

Financial calculators_Sortter
Sortter's various calculators serve a simple goal: to help users find their way around a plethora of rather complex financial products as straightforward as possible

To further enhance the user experience of online loan applications, we included a bunch of enjoyable interactions, added lively animations, and rethought the visual interface of the platform. 

It seems that our efforts were not in vain. By creating a quick and smooth journey, we managed to lower the churn rate experienced inside the funnel, resulting in a rising number of customers Sortter could refer to banks.

Besides benefiting loan seekers, we have built a user-friendly admin page for financial institutions too. Using this interface, representatives of banks can gain clear insights into their products’ on-site performance and how their products’ popularity compares to those of other lenders. By applying some filtering options, financial providers can quickly improve the visibility of their lending products, which can make Sortter’s service more appealing to financial players as well.

Transparency of financial products taken to the next level

The greatest value an aggregator platform can offer its customers is comparing the most extensive range of online goods available on the market and helping them make the wisest choice possible.

However, when it comes to financial products, connecting to the banks’ backends is slightly trickier than doing so with a webshop that sells consumer electronics… On top of complying with the rigorous security requirements of financial institutions, our biggest challenge was finding a way to satisfy their unique data set needs. Banks don’t assess potential loan seeker profiles based on a universal set of data, instead, every bank considers new applicants according to different criteria. 

Through close cooperation between our design and tech experts, we came up with a balanced solution that satisfies all types of unique data needs for loan assessment, yet doesn’t make the onboarding journey unreasonably long.

An á la carte approach to buying lending products

We were happy to contribute to Sortter’s innovative solution that drives more efficient and transparent decision-making in personal finances, and which has ended up as the region’s most trusted financial digital advisors. Together, we have crafted a platform that is easy to find, stands out from the crowd with its seamless user experience, and offers the broadest range of products with only a few quick clicks.

Today, Sortter helps thousands of Nordic people make the most out of their money decisions and recently has launched its services in Latvia, Poland and Romania. Topping it off with their brand new global site, the future surely looks bright.

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