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About UNION, member of the Vienna Insurance Group

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is one of the most significant insurance holdings in Central and Eastern Europe. The group defines itself as a pioneer in the insurance business and strives to stay at the top of its game by providing innovative insurance products tailored to client needs.

In that vein, UNION is keen on providing users on the Hungarian market with an ever smoother digital experience – and Supercharge was there to help them on this journey.

Users want to take action on the go

According to UNION’s research, when it comes to handling insurance-related issues, users expect instant solutions: instead of facing a client representative or waiting in the queue on the hotline, they prefer to actually grab the steering wheel to complete their administrative duties.

To empower users to take action, we created a straightforward and seamless mobile-first user experience that is handily available 24/7 for clients to manage their business on the go.

A unified digital experience that grows with business ambitions

UNION has a complex product portfolio with a wide range of life and non-life insurance products. The tool we created was expected to provide access to every insurance product in UNION’s portfolio.

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Our final solution doesn't only allow clients to handle all insurances that are currently available from the same app, but it’s also prepared to expand with the carrier’s future services.

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When UNION introduces a new insurance product, it will be easily integrated into the application: users wouldn't have to compromise on the customer experience, as they would be able to rely on the same journey and workflow as before.

A simple flow to fight administrative inefficiencies

According to UNION, clients contact their customer service to sort out insurance-related issues about two times a year per each contract. Once they do so, they tend to seek help with one single task at a time. Changing addresses, reporting damage on a car due to an accident, or downloading one’s annual insurance coverage certificate are happenings that are very unlikely to come up simultaneously in a client’s life.

This ad-hoc character of insurance-related administration renders the whole process rather cumbersome for most users.

In the end, we didn’t want to ask users to create a profile they would only use two times a year. Instead, we flipped the usual user profile approach to an insurance-driven one.