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we build futures across industries

With over a decade of experience working on the digital transformation of multiple industries, we developed a culture of cross-pollination: we actively work on transferring best practices between different verticals to offer fresh perspectives and challenge the status quo. Our holistic product development capabilities are readily applicable in almost every field where an organisation wants to create massive digital impact. We unravel complex technical and business challenges and build practical, gradually unfolding solutions based on behavioural science, data engineering, and large-scale software development.

boosting forecasting precision through machine learning

gateretail is the world’s leading inflight retailer, serving more than 20 airlines and over 300 million passengers annually. Our team has propelled gateretail on its data-driven journey with advanced machine-learning solutions, resulting in a double-digit improvement in forecasting accuracy.

Desktop asset for gateretail content
Desktop asset for gateretail contentCloud asset for gateretail contentCloud asset for gateretail contentAirplane asset for gateretail contentCloud asset for gateretail content
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making office spaces connected

Framery, a pioneer in providing soundproof pods has decided to enhance its services by connecting its products to the digital space. Our design and development teams joined forces with Framery to create a companion mobile app that would simplify the lives of busy office employees worldwide.

Framery case main screen
Framery case main screenFramery Pod 3D decorationFramery Pod 3D decoration 2
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