Creating effective video-based learning products

Product innovation in digital education – Part two

David Ali

David Ali

Product Strategist

Edutech User Experience Product Design
27 October, 2021

Learning is a great common denominator across peoples and cultures. We can safely say that there is no one on our planet who isn’t involved in some form of learning during their life. In fact, learning plays a prominent role during an even longer period of our lives, finally stretching into what we call lifelong learning.

The increasing life expectancy, the rate at which markets and industries are shifting gears, and the growing trend of workforce fluctuation and career track changes are all factors contributing to this phenomenon.

This is why being effective is paramount when it comes to education: how learners receive, process and retain the new knowledge can go a long way here. In digital or blended learning, one of the most impactful formats of the last decade has undoubtedly been video-based learning.