education becomes more personal than ever

Education is now facing the most significant transformation of the last hundred years. Existing structures don’t satisfy the needs of a massively changed society and job market, all the while new technologies have opened up incredible opportunities. Everyone agrees that the future of education is more globally inclusive, but educators still need to find answers to the thorniest of questions. How does remote education change the role of teachers? How to leverage technology to enable a flexible and personalised learning experience? How to engage young audiences with novel expectations? How to support life-long learning in every area of life? Supercharge is right in the middle of this space, helping challengers and well-known institutions alike to build the future of education.

vocational education on a global scale

The Pearson Progress platform offers an integrated customer journey for a complex ecosystem with one goal: to provide the best possible vocational education around the globe.
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edutainment for financial literacy

Platypus: A Finlit Story is an edutainment mobile game that helps young users acquire reliable financial knowledge through an economic-themed intergalactic journey.


mobile loans to fight poverty

Bina Artha’s mission is to fight poverty by providing micro-financing services in Indonesia. Their mobile app allows underprivileged women living in distant rural areas of the country to apply for loans and track their repayment progress online on a simple, playful interface.
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tech pioneers in the making

Revolution Robotics dreamt about making educational robotics more accessible to kids all around the world with their IoT solution. We designed and developed their application to help them embark on this journey.

financial literacy for the next generations

OTP Junior Next's goal is to teach financial literacy and career planning for the younger generations. The app adds real value to the life of students while successfully drives the bank’s brand awareness among the customers of the future.
OTP Junior Supercharge Case Study

learning, uninterrupted

DisHelps’ app creates a safe place for kids with learning disabilities and helps them to get around their challenges by providing a handy digital toolbox.
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