we help finance sector transform in the wake of an open future

From crafting mobile banks with radically new customer experiences to reimagining financial education for the next generation, we are a trusted innovation partner for challengers and established players alike. As open platforms emerge, bold innovation and the fundamental reinvention of customer journeys await those who want to stay in the game. We are there to support this exploration from setting a bold vision to designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions.

becoming a mobile powered bank

Ferratum Group, a major Nordic micro-lending player decided to launch a cross-European mobile bank to capitalise on the rising demand for seamless mobile banking experiences. Our team is proud to have supported their journey to become a full-fledged bank.


ideas define the future

The OTP Ideaportal has been built for the innovators all across the bank's organisation. It ensures that their vision gets heard and implemented to build the bank of the future.

OTP Idea Portal desktop view

disruption at its best

With our help BTPN grabbed millions of unserved customers with a swift move. It launched a new digital bank called Jenius and captured close to 2 million downloads in under 12 months.

Jenius application
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