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Framery, a pioneer in providing soundproof pods has decided to enhance its services by connecting its products to the digital space. Our design and development teams joined forces with Framery to create a companion mobile app that would simplify the lives of busy office employees worldwide.
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Enhancing Productivity in the Hybrid Workspace

Throughout the last couple of years, remote meetings have become the new norm. To encourage employees to see the value in commuting to the office rather than working from home, organisations must ensure that their workspace environment supports their employees to be more productive and stress-free.

This trend has significantly increased the demand for a substantial number of soundproof office pods and meeting spaces in office environments. 

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Framery, the global leader in soundproof pods and booths, has not only perfected the ergonomic aspects of its meeting spaces but has also taken a step further by integrating innovative digital solutions into its services.

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The simplest way to find a free meeting space

Although most offices use some kind of booking system to simplify the reservation of meeting spaces, it remains common to see people frantically searching for suitable rooms on a busy office day. Everyone who has worked in an office has likely experienced the frustration of being kicked out of a meeting room by the next person or being unable to reserve an empty meeting space, even when it appeared unoccupied.

As a significant milestone in Framery's strategy for connected workspaces, we designed and developed a mobile app that works seamlessly with IoT sensors and addresses the most pressing issues related to busy office spaces.

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UX and UI design
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technology architecture
mobile app development
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native iOS and Android applications
conneting apps to pods and IoT sensors
integration to calendars so users can book a space directly through the app

The user research and field studies we conducted in various offices allowed us to design and build an intuitive system that surpasses any other commonly used booking system in terms of simplicity.

The resulting mobile app enables employees to instantly locate the nearest available pods or meeting rooms and book them for ad-hoc calls or meetings.

Furthermore, if a meeting runs over, users can easily extend the booking or receive suggestions for alternative rooms nearby to avoid scheduling conflicts with other participants.

Once employees free up a meeting space, the sensor automatically marks it as available for others to use. 

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Framery case - managing reservations

Optimising Workspaces for People Who Get it Done 

Framery offers a comprehensive solution that combines world-class soundproof smart pods and a workplace technology suite that streamlines workdays and enhances the entire office for a better working experience, and an exceptional user experience through its mobile app.

By complementing their one-of-a-kind solution with a mobile app and smart sensor technology, their connected services can now empower companies to unlock new possibilities for promoting employee satisfaction in their offices.

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