a healthier future through software

Building a future where we live longer and happier is the most exciting challenge our clients can bring to us. IT changes healthcare forever: a better understanding of the signals of our body through connected devices and AI started to shift the focus to prevention and early diagnosis. As customer expectations are changing the industry has to redesign the 21st-century digital health care experience. As the health industry gears up to redesign itself built upon information technology we extend our clients’ domain expertise with our ability to deliver successful digital innovation for millions of customers.

breaking the taboo surrounding menopause in the workplace

Menopause can affect millions of women during their working lives, yet it is not often discussed and can be handled as a taboo. Vi, an innovative employee-benefit platform, leverages AI to empower women to gain more control over their health during this transitional period, providing personalized support and resources tailored to each woman's unique needs.


the key to your health is at your fingertips

Direct Diagnostics' mission is to enable individuals to carry out precise finger-prick blood tests at home with reassuring guidance. Together, we built an innovative, digitally fueled service that guides users toward the most suitable actions on their unique health journeys.

Direct Diagnostics x Supercharge case study: main mockupdirect diagnostics case - visual asset 1direct diagnostics case - visual asset 2

make healthtech loveable

How can a user interface be so powerful that it is able to save human lives? In HandInScan’s case, boosting their product’s user experience with emotional design was the key to increase the efficiency of their product by lightyears.

Hand In Scan scanner - SuperchargeHandinscan - DecorationHandInScanBlueBubble02

digital cure on a schedule

Supercharge worked with Egis to create a cutting-edge habit building mobile application to increase adherence to treatment plans recommended by one's healthcare professional. By harnessing the power of behavioural science we developed a strong digital ally for fighting hypertension.

Habita app mockup - Supercharge x Egisegis case study visual elementegis case study visual elementegis case study visual element

a gate into a healthcare ecosystem

NeoHealth’s digital platform redefines patient-doctor relationships by offering a single, customer-friendly online portal to various healthcare services.


learning, uninterrupted

DisHelps’ app creates a safe place for kids with learning disabilities and helps them to get around their challenges by providing a handy digital toolbox.