a gate into a healthcare ecosystem

NeoHealth’s digital platform redefines patient-doctor relationships by offering a single, customer-friendly online portal to various healthcare services.


A digital cure comes into effect

NeoHealth, a private player of the Slovakian healthcare sector, is in the business of revolutionising the experience of patient interactions with the local health system. With our help, a digital platform was created, which serves as a gateway to the whole healthcare ecosystem.

By connecting different services, we have built a unique, one-stop digital shop for comprehensive health-related solutions. Although the platform unites various services, the outcome is a smooth customer journey that feels like using a unitary product.

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As the result of our work, a multi-layered journey was born with a symptom-checker at its core.

The main idea behind our solution was to push users towards finding the right medical information, service and booking the right professional while creating a pathway from digital assessment to real-life medical care.

This approach is destined to make healthcare more affordable and effective, by better allocating resources to those in need of actual human attention.

Stepping into the hall of health

When doubting one’s health condition, people tend to get anxious quickly; this is a natural human reaction. Our goal was to offer a digital guide that takes the user’s hand in these frightening situations and leads them into a simple flow to diagnose and solve their issues. 

Instead of letting people dwell on their symptoms for days until they finally get an appointment to see a doctor, visitors get their answers right away.

The first automated entry point, a symptom-checker, enables the visitor to obtain help in real-time, offering a much more reliable alternative to panic-googling one’s symptoms.

To take an assessment, visitors only need to fill out an AI-powered online questionnaire that will provide them with immediate and reliable feedback about their health condition.

The AI-based symptom checker serves as the entry point of the journey, directing the customers towards possible solutions:

As long as the users’ symptoms do not imply any emergency medical issues, the checker immediately reassures them about their health condition.

If the users’ symptoms show signs of a more severe problem, they get further assistance:

  • The system directs them to a live chat with a medical professional where they can dig deeper into the analysis.
  • Once this assessment is completed, the built-in doctor recommendation engine and convenient booking function make it straightforward to visit the best medical specialists based on their location data and previous user ratings.

A painless approach to medical check-ups

Working together with NeoHealth, we have built a platform that maximises convenience and efficiency. Besides the meticulously crafted user journey, there is another function that makes a patients’ life much easier: secure storage, that keeps a full medical history of the patient in one place.

This storage enables quick and straightforward sharing with selected doctors and is compliant with the highest GDPR standards that relate to health-related data.

Are you searching for a painless digital cure for your own healthcare business? Let us help, get in touch today!

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