we build futures across industries

We have been at the forefront of digital disruption for a decade deliberately seeking challenges in seemingly distinct areas to keep our perspective fresh. Our innovation methodology and digital craftsmanship are readily applicable in all the industries currently rebuilding themselves for a digital future. Check out our selected work below.

protecting homeowners with IoT innovation

VYRD was created to serve the challenging Florida homeowners insurance market, and they partnered with Supercharge to rapidly build a market-ready portal to service customers in time for hurricane season.

Main mockup - VYRD x Supercharge case studyVYRD case - 3d houseVYRD case - 3d roof

making roads safer with sensor data

Supercharge partnered with TrueMotion (currently part of Cambridge Mobile Telematics), a leading telematics solution provider, to deliver mobile applications for insurance companies worldwide.

Truemotion case assetTruemotion case assetTruemotion case asset

the key to your health is at your fingertips

Direct Diagnostics' mission is to enable individuals to carry out precise finger-prick blood tests at home with reassuring guidance. Together, we built an innovative, digitally fueled service that guides users toward the most suitable actions on their unique health journeys.

Direct Diagnostics x Supercharge case study: main mockupdirect diagnostics case - visual asset 1direct diagnostics case - visual asset 2
Fast Company World Changing Ideas Supercharge

leading the UK's clean energy revolution

Zenobē’s storage solutions help businesses utilise energy in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way. With the power of technology and innovation we have supported them on their journey of grounding a much greener future.

Fast Company World Changing Ideas Supercharge
Zenobe - Bus Operator PlatformZenobeRef01ZenobeRef02ZenobeRef03Bus

digital cure on a schedule

Supercharge worked with Egis to create a cutting-edge habit building mobile application to increase adherence to treatment plans recommended by one's healthcare professional. By harnessing the power of behavioural science we developed a strong digital ally for fighting hypertension.

Habita app mockup - Supercharge x Egisegis case study visual elementegis case study visual elementegis case study visual element