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digital impact in the most complex domains

We have been at the forefront of digital transformation for over a decade, applying our uniquely deep technical expertise and innovative methodology to guide clients as they rebuild themselves for a data-driven future. We have a remarkable track record of creating immense value for consumers and internal users alike in the most complex and demanding industries. Check out our selected works below.

protecting homeowners with IoT innovation

VYRD was created to serve the challenging Florida homeowners insurance market, and they partnered with Supercharge to rapidly build a market-ready portal to service customers in time for hurricane season.

Main mockup - VYRD x Supercharge case study
Main mockup - VYRD x Supercharge case studyVYRD case - 3d houseVYRD case - 3d roof
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making roads safer with sensor data

Supercharge partnered with TrueMotion (currently part of Cambridge Mobile Telematics), a leading telematics solution provider, to deliver mobile applications for insurance companies worldwide.

Truemotion case asset
Truemotion case assetTruemotion case assetTruemotion case asset
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